New Reception Intake

Here are some apps for iPads and tablets which your children may find useful before they start in September:


Math age 4-6 & Math age 3-5

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On these apps, there is a great variety of activities which build on each other.  The activities develop number recognition, opportunities to sequence numbers, great visual clues, shapes, direction, position vocabulary, and much, much more.
Collins Big Cat books

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These are great animated books for young readers by Collins.  Children have several options: have the story read to them, read the story themselves or adapt the images to create their own story. 
Puppet Pals HD

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This is fun and simple animation app.  For free, you are provided with a limited collection of ‘puppets’ or cartoon characters and some backdrops. Children can then act out scenes, move them around and record audio.
ABC pocket phonics Lite

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Pocket phonics teaches children initial sounds and first words. Pocket phonics also shows children how to write letters using a moving arrow which they follow with their finger.
ABC expedition 

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With this app, children learn their ABCs and animals together. The app has large buttons, which are easy to navigate and alphabet pronunciation by adult and child voices.
Daisy the Dinosaur

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This free app is a great introduction to coding for younger children.  It takes them step by step through simple instructions, gradually building up sequences. 


CBeebies also have some excellent programs that you can watch on the television or access online.  

Click on the links below for access to the websites: