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Autumn Term

During the Autumn Term in Nursery, we will be reading a variety of fantastic books! Our initial focus will be on ‘rhyme and rhythm’, so we will be sharing books which contain poetry, rhymes, rhyming and rhythmic text. The children will revisit familiar nursery rhymes, such as ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’, and will also learn new ones. It would be wonderful if you could share with us any traditional songs and rhymes in home language that you have been singing with your children.


In Nursery we learn through play, so the children will be immersing themselves in the rhymes and stories through a variety of activities. We will be pretending to be the characters and acting out the stories, as well as learning the texts and inventing our own. Maybe you could try making up stories at home with your child?

There are many lovely books in the school Active Learning Library which your children can borrow, as well as the Nursery library trolley which is available every Monday. Please take this opportunity to share books and stories with your children, as talking about the pictures and predicting ‘what might happen next?’ is a fantastic way to get your child excited about reading, as well as increasing their vocabulary.

Every opportunity will be taken to develop the children’s understanding of mathematical concepts, such as number, shape, time and measures. We will be learning about 2D shapes such as circles, squares, triangles, etc and looking for them in our environment. We will look at similarities and differences between shapes, explore simple repeating patterns using everyday objects, and sort items by different criteria such as size and colour. We will be exploring the value of numbers, first to 5 and then to 10, by chanting the numbers in order, and touch counting objects to find the total. We will be using mathematical vocabulary such as number names, ‘bigger’, ‘smaller’, ‘more than’ and ‘less than’, and learning the days of the week. You could support your child’s learning by looking for numbers around the home, on clocks, phones, doors, car licence plates, etc, and by talking about ‘today’, ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’.

We will be recording your child’s learning by uploading photos, videos and observations to Tapestry, a secure online learning journal. You will be able to access this on a computer or laptop, and also on any Apple or Android device such as a tablet or smartphone. You will be able to log on and view what your child has been up to in Nursery, and also instantly add your own photos of learning that occurs at home. Another advantage is that you can show your child’s online learning journal to members of the family.

We will be inviting parents to a meeting about Tapestry shortly, but please feel free to ask a member of staff for more information.

We recognise that your child learns best when school and parents work together in partnership, so we would like to thank you for your ongoing support.

Miss Stevenson and Mrs Hothi


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