Reception (F2)

Reception (F2)


During the Autumn Term in Reception, we will be learning about a variety of fantastic books! We will be learning texts, inventing new stories and immersing ourselves in pretending to be various characters or objects - pupils AND adults! We start the term by learning the story, ‘Not a Stick,’ by Antoinette Portis. It would be fantastic if you could collect some sticks, or go on an Autumn walk as this would support us in teaching this story. One day we might be creating magic wands out of sticks and the next day turning ourselves into Little Red Riding Hood! The children will also be creating lots of artefacts to support their learning and may come home with a collection of “stuff”. Use this chance to talk about what they have created and what they got up to during the day – a lovely conversation starter.


Afterwards, we will be learning about fairy tales and in particular the story of Cinderella! You can borrow similar types of stories from the library to share with your child at home and this would be very beneficial to their understanding of these types of stories. The children are allowed to borrow two books at a time from the Active Learning Library and we are also fairly close to both Britwell and Slough libraries. 

Maths this term will look at making and repeating patterns, sorting items into different categories, learning numbers to 10, counting forwards and backwards and using mathematical vocabulary such as number names, bigger, smaller, more than and less than.

We love reading and will encourage your children to read daily. Please listen to your child read, discuss the book and fill in his/her reading record. We will also be using uploading your child’s learning to Tapestry, the online learning journal. Not only will you be able to see images and videos of your child’s learning at school but you can share images of what your child has been learning at home too. Please ask your child’s class teacher if you have any questions about using Tapestry.

Many thanks for all of the support you give your child.  It is very important that we continue to work in partnership with you to ensure they make the most of their learning opportunities.

Miss Alford, Mrs Davis and Mrs Lewandowska


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