Year 3

The document below contains all of the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum for each subject.  There are supporting appendices that should be read and used alongside this.

The statutory requirements within this document inform the long, medium and short term planning to ensure full coverage and progression.

National Curriculum Statutory Requirements for Year 3 

Spelling Appendix for Year 3 and 4

Vocabulary, Grammer and Punctuation for Year 3


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In Year 3 this term, we are learning how to read and write a range of non-fiction, fiction and poetry. This includes non-chronological reports, suspense tales, portal tales, description and poems by Pie Corbett. It would help your child enormously if you could support their learning by encouraging them to read a selection of fiction and non-fiction books, poetry and plays.  Our first class reading book will be Michael Morpurgo’s I Believe in Unicorns. The children are allowed to borrow two books at a time from the Active Learning Library and we are also fairly close to both Britwell and Slough libraries.  There is also a wealth of resources on the internet.


In Maths, we will be focusing on quick recall of important number facts, such as our number bonds and times tables. The children will continue to learn about place value and written methods of calculation for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. If you would like to know what methods your child is being taught, please do not hesitate to ask.

In other subjects, we are going to be learning about ‘light’ in Science. In French, we are practising useful phrases and building our French vocabulary. In Geography, we are learning about areas across the United Kingdom and their physical features. In our History lessons we will be learning about The Stone Age, and we will have a visitor in to support this learning through a Stone Age workshop. In PSHE, the children will be learning about the rights and responsibilities of being a member of their class and school and learning to understand how an individual’s behaviour can impact on a group. In RE the children will be studying how different faiths worship.

Many thanks for all the support you give your child.  It is very important that we continue to work in partnership with you to ensure they make the most of their learning opportunities. 




Our Curriculum Timetables:

Please see below the autumn term timetable for each Year 3 class: